Primer: In Pursuit of Personal Style

Primer: Personal StyleI’ve always been fascinated by style because it’s an accessible form of artistic expression. One needn’t be as talented with a paint brush as Picasso or Rembrandt to express what they feel on any given day. So many of us are not professional artists, photographers or writers; our jobs don’t afford the luxury of time to ruminate on how to express ourselves creatively.

Personal style can serve as our creative outlet. It is as much an existential process as it is a necessity for leaving our homes in the morning. Style is not something a person is born with, rather, it’s a series of choices. It’s not choosing the most expensive accessories or adorning yourself with the most prominent labels – we can all breathe a sigh of relief on that one. From the shoes on your feet, to the way you wear your hair – style communicates who you are.

Clothes are a necessity – and why not experiment in our day-to-day lives with a little art. We love to Pin, we love to Instagram, but personal style can be intimidating. High fashion can seem out-of-reach, too expensive, to flash-in-the-pan for us to bother. But style is something else entirely. A well-dressed person communicates assuredness, commands respect and expresses their inner artist — all without speaking a word.

And just as art takes practice so too does style. The most stylish among us have made many attempts, and failed miserably, but continued to study the classics and found what works best for them. They know the colors that complement their skin tone; the silhouettes that make them appear taller, thinner; the fabrics that will last forever (or at least outlast several seasons).

This is a blog for the haute, those seekers of all things fashion, who restlessly pursue style as a way of life — whether in art, music, books or, of course, what they choose to wear.


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