Impeccable Taste in Style: Saint Laurent’s Homage to Music Legends

As a lover of fashion and music I can’t help but appreciate when the two bleed together in harmonious and unusual ways. I’m intrigued by Saint Laurent’s Music Project — a campaign that pays homage to musicians — most recently the legends B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry.

Saint Laurent’s Creative Director, Hedi Slimane, photographed the three musicians in specially-made suits during August and September on a road trip through the South and Midwest U.S. The result is a series of beautiful black and white portraits of the musicians (and did I mention they are impeccably dressed?) These three in particular are said to be childhood heroes of the designer.

I love that Slimane is much a photographer as he is a designer — and the way he’s been able to intertwine passions for fashion, music and photography. (You can get a taste of some of his other photographic work on his personal blog.)

In a 2012 interview with The Daily Beast, he explained what drives his work, “Photography is always a way to preserve, [a vain] attempt to keep your subjects alive, both in their youth and grace or elderness.”

And blues in particular has played an important role in Saint Laurent — Dazed Digital makes the connection to Slimane’s first collection for the fashion house — the 2012 show featured music by American blues musician Junior Kimbrough (and edited by none other than Daft Punk).


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