7 Resolutions for the Haute and Restless in 2014

Happy New Year

This time of year always means a slew of resolutions, and it seems like every year they’re the same bland “lose weight” and “save more money” ones. And while there may be some truth to the old adage, “you can never be too rich or too thin,” I want to focus on some new resolutions to enrich my life, and hopefully inspire you in your resolutions as well.

  1. Take pictures. This year I want to finally have an artistic hobby (I mean outside of blogging, of course). My first exposure to photography came in high school — black and white film, dark room and all. Then in college I took a photojournalism class, which was one of the most maddening, but also most rewarding classes I’ve ever taken. So I guess I’ll start saving for the DSLR camera now.
  2. Travel. I always imagined I’d start traveling once I got my first real job, but, taking a look back at those first few years out, I haven’t gone very far. (Maybe because plane tickets are so darn expensive!)
  3. Create an adventure. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of expecting someone else to plan those grand adventures we keep seeing on our Facebook feeds. I mean, I want to go camping, or go to the Kentucky Derby, or something! But sometimes the best adventures happen because you make them happen.
  4. Read Shakespeare. Shakespeare especially comes to mind after watching Joss Whedon’s beautiful interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing. I think I could use some inspiration from the grandfather of English writers.
  5. Learn from other style bloggers. A personal one for me. Having just started this style blog this fall, I have a lot to learn. I continue to uncover the most amazing style bloggers out there. I hope to continue to learn and grow through this blog!
  6. Find new boutiques. Had to include a few actual style resolutions on this list, huh? I have this habit of finding stores I like and not branching out from them. But I honestly think the most stylish people out there are the ones that curate their wardrobes from unusual places.
  7. Take care of myself. Notice this one is not, “start X diet” or “run on the treadmill an hour a day.” This is more about feeling better as a whole. For instance, drink green tea, make time for yoga and barre classes, and of course, remember the  importance of a facial or manicure every once in a while.

For more inspiration along the same lines, I highly recommend Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. Rubin reminds us that time is short and if we dream of doing something, we better go ahead and do it, as soon as possible.

Now it’s your turn — what resolutions will you keep in 2014 to enrich your life? 

Photo courtesy of stockimages / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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