Artistic, Funky, Cool: Snowboarders Have the Most Fun With Design

I stumbled across a photo of a Chanel snowboard recently (not sure if they still sell sporting equipment but it looks they did at one time). Now I’m not knocking Chanel, but when I think about personal style, it’s less about labels and more about expression — and nothing compares to the artistic, funky, cool styles coming out of the true snowboarding companies.

I’m obsessed with the artwork on these snowboards:

Bird of Paradise
My favorite of the bunch, the Birds of a Feather board from Seattle-based CAPiTA has a beautiful, jewel toned design.


The Gothic
For the Alexander McQueen lover: the Skull Skates Endeavor. Vancouver-based Skull Skates was the first brand to put a full-length skeleton on a snowboard back in 1988. Endeavor Snowboards collaborated with Skull Skate to re-release this design in 2013.

Skull Skate Endeavor

The Cutest Yeti
Niche’s Theme dons artwork from the Austin-based illustrator and artist Michael Sieben. Another plus about Niche — their boards are eco-friendly.


So Eighties
Technine’s MFM Mass Appeal features a ghettoblaster and that iconic 80s font. You’ll be humming along to Simple Minds before you know it: “Won’t you come see about me? I’ll be alone, dancing you know it baby.”


Color Blast
GNU prides itself on having weird designs.The splashy B-Street feels like a throwback 90s surfboard design and the colors will  pop when you hit the mountain.


Rock and Roll
Burton continues to issue snowboards in new and unique designs. The Restricted Easy Livin’ pays homage to the great Jimi Hendrix. Those are the lyrics to Angel on the middle of the board, by the way.


Photos (in order): 1) CAPiTA, 2) Endeavor, 3) Niche, 4) Complex, 5) GNU and 6) Burton


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