Greyhounds Steal the Show as Fashion Models for Trussardi

Trussardi Greyhound

Italian fashion brand Trussardi’s quirky new campaign features Greyhounds as models for their latest collection. Dogs have been stealing the spotlight in fashion recently — for example, rescue dogs modeled Ralph Lauren’s Fall accessories collection in a partnership with ASPCA. Then there’s the popular Tumblr, Menswear Dog, that chronicles the style interests of a 4-year-old Shiba Inu who lives in New York City.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Trussardi’s Greyhound logo, the campaign features Greyhounds donning items from the new collection, such as handbags, sunglasses and jackets.

The campaign’s photographer, William Wegman, is most famous for his dog photography. You’ll remember him from his photographs of his own Weimaraners. This was the first time the photographer took photos of greyhounds — he said of the breed: “They are mysteriously calm, wonderfully photogenic and most of all incredibly elegant.”

Last year, Wegman photographed a campaign for Acne, featuring his own dogs in the brand’s collection of tropical prints, Panama hats, bags and shoes (an example below).

Wegman for Acne

Wegman reflected on his work with his dogs in an interview for The Morgan Library and Museum: “I avoided anthropomorphism [for a while] because I thought it was cheap and easy, but I don’t anymore, I just don’t. I think that… what I did with these characters… it’s really amazing not only for what I did, but what for they did.”

Photo Credits: 1) AnOther Magazine, Photographed for Trussardi by William Wegman; 2) Vogue Paris, Photographed for Acne by William Wegman


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