Misfit Right In — Cosmopolitan Las Vegas’ Edgy Advertising Campaign

Most of today’s television commercials blend together, from humorous, to obnoxious, to slick, or just plain forgettable. It’s rare when I actually stop to really watch a commercial, and rarer where my interest is peaked enough to look up who made it.

While the “Misfit Right In” campaign came out in 2013, it has had a resurgence during this year’s Winter Olympics coverage. It’s a risky, loud, flickering 30 seconds with provocative images interspersed with phrases, such as “Mutation is progress” and “Wrong has more fun,” set to a jarring (and surprisingly catchy) mashup of “Original Don,” by Major Lazer.

This type of commercial makes an impact because there’s nothing like it on the market, and it’s shocking enough to wonder, what brand has the guts to do this?

The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, which opened in 2010, has been known to take risks with its advertising choices. The hotel created two campaigns prior — first in 2010 with “Just the Right Amount of Wrong” (which uses a great Black Rebel Motorcycle Club song). The second campaign came in 2012, with a poolside spoken-word version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

The ad agency behind all three of these campaigns is the Minneapolis-based Fallon. The agency’s website says “Misfit Right In” was meant to “tickle the senses of the Curious Class and showcase the brand’s unique blend of attitude, wit and sophistication.”

Cosmopolitan’s Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Marchese told ADWEEK in July 2013 that the hotel, “wanted to create a spot that was radically different in form—the mix of typography to imagery, the way the imagery was shot. The tone is radically different. We wanted it to look like nothing else out there.”


3 thoughts on “Misfit Right In — Cosmopolitan Las Vegas’ Edgy Advertising Campaign

  1. margrta

    Reblogged this on MARGARETTA and commented:
    This is an Ad I have been seeing on TV constantly and really catches my eye. It makes me want to know the product, which is not revealed till the very end of the 30 second clip.

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