So You Like Fashion, Casinos and Sinatra? Ciroc Knows You Well

This Rat Pack-inspired advertisement blends old with new and features a cast of familiar looking faces. A commercial that has been out for a while (premiered in 2011), but I alway stop multitasking to watch when it comes on. It’s the Ciroc vodka commercial, “The Art of Celebration.”

You know the one I mean — where Sean Combs, Ciroc’s brand ambassador, hangs out in Vegas with a posse of friends, set to a Frank Sinatra soundtrack. It feels personal somehow, and that’s probably because the group is made up of folks like Chrissy Teigen, Aaron Paul and Chad Michael Murray. Admittedly I had no idea of the lengthy celebrity cast until I started researching the commercial.

I can’t say I’ve been to Las Vegas, but if I ever do, this is how I’d like it to go down. Diddy emerges from a private jet, met by Sopranos alum Frank Vince, and proceeds to host a swanky night out with his well dressed friends. After a night of spirited dinner conversation and dancing, the guys toast to the sunrise on the hotel roof.

The director, Anthony Mandler, is best know for music videos, including 16 of Rihanna’s, plus work with a range of others, from Jay-Z to Lana Del Ray. The commercial actually has a longer form counterpart that tells more of the story if you’re curious. It’s a treat to watch the group interact with each other in the longer version, but I think the 30 second commercial succeeds because it tells the story in glimpses. It’s just enough to peak your interest.


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