Simple Clothes for a Complicated World — Gap Urges You to “Dress Normal”

Brands and their ad agencies know they’ll face an uphill battle to attract attention, especially from millennials. Like I’ve said before, when I actually look up from multitasking to watch an ad, I’m always curious why, and who’s behind it.

Bravo to Gap for their “Dress Normal” campaign, from Wieden & Kennedy, a series of four ads that portray compelling fragments of stories. Gap CMO Seth Farbman told Mashable, the ads were designed to resonate with millennials who are “pushing back on some of the chaos” in their lives, technology being one of the factors.

The black and white series feels high end, and that’s partially because Gap brought in Academy Award-nominated Director David Fincher. You know him from House of Cards, Fight Club and Se7en (and Gone Girl Oct. 3). He’s an odd choice for the traditionally bubbly Gap, but there’s a good reason why.

“There’s always an anxiety in Fincher’s work,” Farbman told AD AGE. “What I wanted, because this is Gap, was positive anxiety… We wanted to make it more challenging than what people think of as a Gap commercial.”

He went on to say, “What we need to reinforce is what has always been true, that even at full price, the quality and value and enduring style of Gap product is of high value. If the spots make the clothes look more expensive, great. They’re not.”


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