Fort Tilden: The Longest Journey to the Beach

As the summer winds down, and we head out on our final beach trips, this movie feels all the more poignant at the end of the season. Fort Tilden is the epic struggle to get to the beach, one last time.

Found on iTunes, Fort Tilden appealed to me because it was one part Girls, one part Romy and Michele. Harper (Bridey Elliot) and Allie (Clare McNulty) are two adrift millennials, who somehow live in Brooklyn with no jobs. Both talk more than do. Harper is an artist who visualizes more than creates. Allie plans to join the Peace Corps, but it never quite feels like this will materialize. And this is the story of their needlessly difficult trip to the Rockaways.

While there are countless over-the-top moments — buying a barrel that was left on the street as junk for $200 comes to mind — the movie also rings true in some ways.

What millennial (well millennial girl) hasn’t embarked on an infuriating road trip with her girlfriends? The late start to the day, when we were going to get up “really early,” the impromptu stops to shop, and increasingly getting annoyed with each other, as we get lost in the process. I can (maybe embarrassingly so) relate to Allie whining, “I JUST NEED AN ICED COFFEE!!” as she and Harper find themselves still stuck in Brooklyn. Like all of us, Harper and Allie are just in search of a perfect moment, in a glaringly imperfect world.

I’m not sure the main characters learn a single thing on their journey to the beach — but it’s certainly an entertaining ride. And maybe enough of an experience to make us ready for the fall.


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