Jackie O and One Famous Pair of Sandals: A History


Photo from The Buggy Blog. 

“I want to live my life, not record it.”

Jackie Kennedy Onassis. What an icon. The eldest daughter of a Wall Street stock broker and socialite, a teacher described her as “a darling child, the prettiest little girl, very clever, very artistic, and full of the devil.” Jackie started as an inquiring photographer for the Washington Times-Herald before meeting then-Congressman John Kennedy. The rest is Camelot history. The embodiment of style many of her classic looks look just as fresh today.

The sandals she made famous seem almost like fashion folklore. The story goes that Jackie came back from summer holiday in Capri, Italy, with a pair of sandals she loved. Once stateside she took the sandals to a local Palm Beach cobbler, Luigi Pucillo, and ever since, the shoe has been a warm weather staple for preppy ladies of all ages. The sandals come in variety of colors and spin off variations. They can be easily dressed up or down — a must for all summer adventures.

Like anything clouded in such myth, the rest of the story is a little hazy. While Jack Rogers is the most popular of the brands that sell the navajo-style sandal, Palm Beach Sandals is the offspring of the original cobbler that made Jackie’s shoes. And I have to say that I prefer them over Jacks. They are fully leather and made in the USA. Brand loyalty is strong with these sandals — you are most likely solidly in the Jacks or Palm Beach Sandals camp. Regardless of your brand choice, the bigger question is what color combination are you going to get first?

ClassicS16_White-Gold Classic_Gunmetal-Silver_500 Classic_Cork-Gold_500

Left to Right: Palm Beach Sandals in White/Gold, Gunmetal/Silver and Cork/Gold.


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