Your Idyllic Summer in New England with KJP and Camp Foxhawk

Only recently have I stumbled across the magical world created by Kiel James Patrick and his wife Sarah Vickers, a wormhole that started by following their golden retriever Bennie on Instagram.

At once I was hooked, and sucked into a world of New England beaches, classic cars and historic mansions, dripping in Americana.

But seriously, who is this couple and how can I have their life? (They had their wedding at Christmas tree farm for goodness sake!)

For Kiel and Sarah, the journey began by selling rope bracelets out of Kiel’s parent’s garage, and has since turned into a full fledged clothing brand, online and in stores, as well as a slew of partnerships with other brands like Kate Spade and Brooks Brothers.

In the crowded and competitive market of fashion, a keen understanding of social media is key. Kiel told Huffington Post, “The strongest marketing has always been word of mouth, or trusting a friend’s advice and opinion on what they like to wear or eat. Everyone on our team and in our factory has their own fan base and you’re buying into his or her lifestyle by wearing the products we’re making. We don’t pay for advertising.”

What sets the KJP brand apart is accessibility. In a New York Times article, children’s clothing designer Noelle Daly said, “You can envision having a clambake on the beach with them. They’re romancing you with each photo.”

Even their internship program is unique, and billed as Camp Foxhawk Adventure School, which promises “sailing trips, polo matches, bonfires on the beach, tennis, canoeing, classic cars, waterskiing, soirees… the quintessential New England summer of a lifetime.” Interns will learn about “American-made manufacturing, retail, social media marketing, brand photography, and product development.” Town and Country has even recapped previous summers at the camp.

I’m hooked, though perhaps a few years too far into my professional career to apply. 😉


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