Sochi’s Fiercest Duo: Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski

“Definitely, we’re overpacked,” Johnny Weir told Today of his and Tara Lipinski’s Sochi wardrobes. “We have pounds and pounds and pounds of clothes. But we’re in this position where we’re the new kids on the block and we have to prove ourselves. You can’t wear the same black suit every day so we have to mix it up.”

Weir and Lipinski have been a pleasant surprise in this year’s Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Not only because they’ve done an amazing job giving live commentary on the figure skating events, but also because it’s been a treat to tune in and be inspired by their outfit choices, day after day.

How did they pull it off? Collectively they counted eight suitcases, 22 pairs of shoes and 10 pounds of jewelry (there were also some fur coats and leather pants thrown into the mix). And if their outfits looked uncannily coordinated, it’s because they absolutely were. The pair planned ahead of time to make sure their looks played off one another.

Certainly they are the perfect example of dressing for the job and experience you want. Johnny and Tara make me want to spend the extra time when putting together outfits for work. I also feel inspired to add that extra touch of glamour and drama into my own wardrobe.

It’s not all window dressing though, their banter makes them the freshest pair of commentators on NBC’s Olympics coverage. In one segment, Tara mentioned that she didn’t enjoy pairs skating because she wasn’t in control. Johnny replied, “I enjoy being thrown.” 

It’s equally heartwarming to discover that the two are close friends off camera. The duo created an Instagram account to capture all of their outfits and adventures in Sochi. It is definitely worth checking out.

Now, all I need to do is figure out where I can wear a fabulous headpiece.

Photo Credit: Instagram